Free the Zouk Love.

We Zouk Both Ways.

We Zouk All Ways.


We zouk all ways: We dance as both leads and follows, regardless of gender norms, and we dance on both the right and left side, like classically trained dancers. We zouk all ways, not just both ways, because there is more to partner dancing than the two roles of lead and follow. For two humans to dance as one organism, first the lead leads, then the lead follows the follow.  The follow receives intention from the lead, but can play within the invitation and suggest novel intentions her or himself. We zouk the new way and the old way. We zouk in all directions. We zouk all the ways.


We are accepting of all styles and all influences, and we accept that there exist multiple “right” ways to execute a movement.


We zouk always, all the time.


We send our love out in all the ways, all the directions, through our breath, through our hands, through our eyes, through every expressible part of our bodies and minds. What are we to others, but the way we make them feel?  What are our bodies in this wordless dance, but transmitters of soul? To dance zouk all ways, we embrace a stranger’s soul for five minutes, float alongside them with our best energy, then float off untethered to our next partner. Like two iridescent soap bubbles flying through the air together, sharing a wall, intention locked on each other, completely transparent to any who care to observe, but uncaring, giving the full spectrum of ourselves before separating.


In this company, we create unions, partnerships, every time we dance. We free the zouk love into the universe.  We dance towards the ideal that everyone is totally into full body contact with perfect strangers, comfortable with touch and being touched, and trusting of all people. In such company, it is easy to see the good in all humans: The kindness, the gentleness, the desire to connect for an ephemeral moment and maybe never connect again, but revel in the beauty of it while it lasts.




Kimberly Loo began dance training at age 4 just couldn't stop. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Dance with a Performance and Choreography emphasis from Pomona College in California. Kimberly's formal training encompasses over two decades of ballet, jazz, modern, international ballroom, salsa, pole, partner acrobatics, and her favorite, Brazilian Zouk; she has trained intensively or completed teacher trainings with Ry'El and Jessica of ZenZouk, Marc Brewer, Kamacho, Layssa Liebscher,  Evelyn Magyari Lopez, Peter Wright, MaZouka, and Jaime Aroxa. Kimberly also holds also holds bachelor degrees in Anthropology and English Literature, and 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification from Mahatma Yoga in India.


Kimberly has won 2nd in the Pro-Am Jack & Jill at Seattle Zouk, twice won the National Collegiate Championships in International Ballroom (both Latin and Standard), the Hawaii Salsa Championship, won runner up at the Texas Salsa Open, was a finalist at the LA Zouk16, and has been invited to perform and teach throughout the Aloha state and in California, Texas, Mexico, Morocco, Canada, and India.


Her dance career as a performer has spanned from nightly shows at Legends in Concert: Waikiki to latin dance and burlesque. Kimberly actively pursues spreading the warm fuzzy feelings of dance to every audience and every social dance partner she encounters; her most loved achievement is being a favorite on the social dance floor.



Kimberly Loo founded Honolulu Zouk in 2015 as a vehicle for creating a dance family around teaching, performing, and choreographing Brazilian Zouk, celebrating its fusion with other dances. Her dance philosophy is based around a desire for each dancer to celebrate awareness of their bodies, and to find joy in connecting with themselves, accepting their sensuality and ability to express themselves through movement. The Honolulu Zouk logo emphasizes how 'ono (delicious) zouk is, and how its dancers love to zouk always and all ways. Kimberly's teaching style is influenced by her technical ballet background and her love of yoking in metaphors. The school is welcoming of nonheteronormative dance roles.

In its first year, Honolulu Zouk was invited to perform for "zouk royalty" at Zouk Night Love in Mexico and received a standing ovation! They have been gracing the Hawaiian Islands and North America with dance instruction and dazzling performances ever since!


Honolulu Zouk is comprised of several performance teams, social dance training teams, a heels dance team, a weekly zouk fusion social, ongoing drop in technique classes, and frequent intensive courses with renowned international instructors. Every Sunday #HNLzouk hosts drop in classes at 7p, no experience or partner necessary. Please contact and come join the family or if you're interested in a performance!


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